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The word sorelle used in Italian, means sisters. The perfect name for two sisters with Italian heritage who are opening a small boutique spa together. 

Ashley is a licensed massage therapist, practicing on Hilton Head Island since 2010, who specializes in both Kriya Massage and Ashiatsu Massage. Ashley is known for providing the upmost relaxation during your massage session, melting away stress and creating peace for your mind, body and soul. 

Meghan is a licensed esthetician, who brings multiple skincare and waxing services to Spa Sorelle. Meghan is excited about offering our clients plant-based skincare products that reach transformative results.        

Ashley and Meghan strive to build strong, healthy client relationships and provide treatments each are passionate about from and for the heart. 

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SPA Services


skin services

Meghan, a licensed esthetician, brings multiple skincare and waxing services to Spa Sorelle. Meghan is excited about offering our clients plant-based skincare products that reach transformative results.  

Standard Facial $65

Customized to suit individual skin types. Treatment starts with a double-cleansing method (an oil-based cleanser to remove all traces of makeup and debris) followed by a mild cleanser to further purify. An exfoliation will smooth the overall texture of the skin, and relaxing warm steam will open the pores in preparation for extractions (if necessary). Next, a mask treatment specific to your skin type. Followed by a combination of neck and arm massage for deeper relaxation. Treatment finishes with a hydrating moisturizer and natural titanium dioxide sun protection.

Upgraded Facial $85

Everything the standard facial has to offer plus more! Staying true to your specific skin needs plus incorporating a microdermabrasion, high frequency, or galvanic treatment.
- Microdermabrasion:mechanical exfoliation on the surface of the epidermis, allowing fresh cells to regenerate. Aiding serums, masks and hydrators to penetrate deeper into the layers of the Stratum Corneum.
- High Frequency: an electrical modality that can be incorporated into a facial to treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores and aid in decongestion. The electrodes are filled with an Argon gas, when dragged over the skin the electrode creates an oscillating oxygen pocket over the skin, creating “ozone” or O3. Ozone destroys pathogens (like bacteria in acne) and allows the follicle to heal faster.

-Galvanic: an electrical modality used a couple different ways. Galvanic can be used to aid in product penetration with positive and negatively charged molecules, known as “Iontophoresis”. Galvanic can also aid in congested pore extraction, a processes called “Desincrustation”, where sebum and oils are softened and easily removed from the skin.

Superficial Chemical and ENzyme Peels $85

Peeling agents resurface the skin by removing superficial layers of the skin. As a result, chemical peels promote the growth of a new healthy top skin layer of cells. A customized peel can help balance skin concerns like uneven texture and color, sun damage, hyperpigmented skin, acneic skin and dehydrated skin. A series of peel treatments offers the best results.


Face/Lip $10  
Eyebrow $15
Chin $10
Arm Half $20, Full $30
Underarm $20  
Legs Half $30, Full $40


Used to enhance the length, curl and fullness of your natural lashes. A synthetic lash will be applied to your natural lash using a specially formulated medical-grade adhesive. Our lashes are rich in color and made of synthetic mink fibers. (So no little furry guys were hurt!) Lash extensions give you versatility and glam! Just think, no more applying mascara everyday or having it run all over your face during a sweaty work out! Borboleta Lashes will change the way you look and feel! 

CLASSIC- $90 - 1hr 15mins
CLASSIC TOUCH UP- $40 - 30mins

The Classic provides that everyday mascara look but with fullness and depth. 

DRAMATIC- $110 - 1hr. 30mins
DRAMATIC TOUCH UP-$50 - 45mins

The Dramatic adds that Hollywood glam but still functional enough for everyday. 

VIXEN- $140 - 2hrs
VIXEN TOUCH UP- $70 - 1hr

If you’re looking to stop traffic- Vixen lashes is what you need! Add a level of fun for a special occasion or just because you’re that fabulous! Maximum fullness, length and wow factor!

REMOVAL- $25 - 30mins

There is a risk associated with removing lashes on your own and could result in damaging your natural lashes. Please have your lashes removed by a licensed professional lash artist.


Massage appointments are individual to each client's needs or ailments at that time. During each massage session, clients enjoy full body relaxation while the therapist covers trouble areas such as the low back, neck and shoulders, legs, arms, hands and extra reflexology to the feet and scalp for additional tension release. 

KriYA Massage
1 HR $80 - 1.5 HR $120

Kriya Massage: A flowing, constantly connected series of never ending strokes. Kriya means spontaneous energy stimulation. Kriya Massage is relaxing with a firm hand, to go as deep as the body requires.

Ashiatsu Massage
1 hr $80 - 1.5 hr $120

Ashi means "foot" and Atsu means "pressure." Ashiatsu massage is a very deep, consistent pressure on the back side of the body. The massage therapist stands on the table and alternates body weight, to provide deep tissue massage that works out muscle tightness using her feet on the client.

Bamboo Fusion Massage
1 hr $80 - 1.5 hr $120

An innovative way to provide Swedish or deep tissue massage using heated bamboo to roll and knead the tissue to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being. 

Ashley is a wonderful massage therapist - I treat myself to regular massages and Ashley is the best therapist I have ever had. She has a great personality and knows how to give a perfect massage - She will listen to you carefully before your massage and will make sure to tailor your massage to your specific needs... Once you have gotten a massage from Ashley, you will not want to go anywhere else
— Glen La Force
Just had another invigorating massage with Ashley at her new Spa Sorelle. The spa is relaxing, serene and very inviting. Ashley is a gem and great masseuse.
— Maureen Rosene
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